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Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah is one of 17 MTCs world wide. Here is where 4,000 19 to 25 year old LDS young men and women gather to be trained for periods of three to twelve weeks on be missionaries and representatives of the Lord. The missionaries focus their whole day on learning more of the doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching skills, potentially a new language, and how to get along with their mission companion, who they are with 24/7. It can be a grueling period of time for some But this time causes you to very quickly become a missionary and you soon find yourself literally eating, sleeping, walking, and talking missionary work. This causes you to feel a great increase of the Lord's spirit with you as you focus on doing His work.
   I remember when I first entered the MTC. It was a great feeling to know that I was finally on MY mission! As you grow up a member of the church you hear stories about other's experiences at the MTC and on their missions. It was just a great feeling to know now it was my turn. I was so excited when they first placed that famous black missionary tag on me. As I read Elder Davis and saw my Saviors name along side mine, I felt a flood of emotions. This was for real.
    As time went on in the MTC it was amazing to see 4,000 other young adults just like me who had prepared themselves to be in this same situation. What also hit me is that my Heavenly Father was aware of each and every one of our individual situations and needs. He had a hand in all of our lives and how great it was to know we were all joining Him and His work. At first it was a little tough to stay 100% focused all the time. When you are sitting in some sort of classroom setting from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm with only bathroom and meal breaks and your hour of gym time it can become tiring process.  Over time as I got used to the missionary schedule and started to dedicate myself fully to learning and preparing myself to be able to teach the people in Montana it became easier. Before I knew it my time at the MTC had come to an end. I think the thing that I will always remember the most though is singing "Called to Serve" with 4,000 other missionaries before a fireside. The great feelings of that power and emotion of God's missionary army singing together was Amazing and something that will always remain my MTC highlight!

    To learn more about the MTC watch the video below or visit For a virtual tour of the MTC Click Here.

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