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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God Will Never Fire Us, The Coach

God Will Never Fire Us, The Coach-In today's sports world, teams are always looking to make it to the top as soon as possible. They seek after the glory, fame, popularity, and riches of being the best; of being a Champion! The more teams seek after this, the more they try to pick out their team's flaws to make a change. It used to be that a team would pick out those flaws, or weaknesses, over time. This was known as the rebuilding stage of a team, program, or franchise. Once upon a time this was the way to work your way up to stardom and championship status. Times, however, have changed. 
     As sports leagues get more and more competitive teams are looking for a quicker fix. Is it the defense they need to change? The offense? The pitching or the hitting? Often times as the head honchos, owners and GM's, look over their organization they decide to go straight to what they believe is the root of their team's problems, and they fire the head coach. More than ever we are seeing what's been coined as the "coaching carousel" take its effect. A team looking for a quick fix will look at their head coach with a "what have you done for me lately?" attitude. Despite the previous success of this coach and his team, or the steady improvement, the coach is canned, or fired, for often times a younger, trendier coach with new playbooks, schemes, and training methods. This all done with the hope that his new ideas and coaching will bring over-night success. While this quick fix sometimes works, see Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Often times though the problems linger, players still under perform, and before you know it that coach has been let go also, and a new coach is brought in. That's why it's called the "coaching carousel".

Neither Penn State or God
has given up on
Joe Paterno who at the age
of 84 and in his 61st year
of coaching is still going strong.
   How grateful I am that God, our Heavenly Father, does not operate this way. He will never give up on us! Despite the constant mistakes we make He will always be there to lift us up. As we make slow and steady progress to gain faith, repent, and come unto Christ, we can be champions someday with Him in His kingdom. He is right there next to us. We don't have to feel like we're in "the coaching hot seat". If we will strive to put our best effort forward he'll be there to say fear not. It is my hope and prayer that all of us will put forth our best "coaching" effort to be able to return to Him. By studying the playbook, scriptures, the game film, words of the prophet and apostles, and attend practice, church, we can become our best. And in the end giving our very best is all that He asks of us to be a true champion!       

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  1. This was an awesom Post! I had no Idea that people that old could still be in a coaching job! It sure is nice to know that God loves us, just like Penn State loves Joe Paterno.


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