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Friday, July 29, 2011

Worth More Than A Million

As a missionary we are always looking for people to share our message of the restored gospel with. As a missionary you also walk around from appointment to appointment during your day. This often creates an opportunity to come across those people who are outdoors to share our message with. Sometimes this may present an awkward situation though as someone working outside on their lawn or doing other activities can often be startled or caught off guard when two Mormon missionaries in white shirts and ties, who they don't know, walk up to them, say hello, and ask them how they are doing. As a conversation is started usually we, as missionaries, can pretty quickly learn how interested, or not, someone is who we've just walked up to. Whatever the case though we always ask "is there anything we could do for you today?" The answers back do vary, but one of the most popular responses back is "Give me a million dollars." Usually I just laugh this off as nothing but a response to get us on our way quicker and say "Ok, have a nice day!" but the other day when this happened it caused me to think about this statement more. If only these people realized how valuable this message we have to offer really is.
 The message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can not be bought or purchased. Neither can the peace and happiness that comes from it. It is truly worth more than a million dollars, it is priceless! Those who realize and find this live rich and wealthy lives. Not the rich and wealth the world thinks of though. They live rich lives because they are inviting God, through their obedience, to poor out blessings of spiritual wealth. It is my hope that we can share this priceless message with all of Gods children in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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