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Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Night and Monday Night Football

For most Americans Monday means one thing...Monday Night Football. The NFL's biggest match up of the week on national television for all to see. However for members of the LDS church Monday means something a little different. It means FHE or family home evening. This is a night set aside by the church and families to spend time together, have a gospel lesson, some fun, and the always desired treat. Interestingly enough these two Monday night activities were officially started the same year.    
    In September 1970 the Priesthood Bulletin announced that in a recent meeting the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve approved the setting aside of Monday night for holding family home evening throughout the entire church. Likewise, the 1970 season of the NFL officially had a televised Monday night football game each week and promoted it as Monday Night Football. The very first official Monday Night Football game was held on September 21, 1970. Is it any coincidence that these these two Monday night events were started the same year? Could be for good or bad.
     Bad:If we look at the family in the world we live in today we see that it sure has changed a lot. The typical family no longer eats together let alone spends a night together. Our schedules have all become filled with more and more activities that take us away from the family. Satan uses any tactics he can and could very easily use something good, Monday Night Football, to keep us from doing something better, spending time with our families.
    Good:Now I'm not saying we shouldn't watch some good old American football on Mondays but let's make sure our priorities are straight. If you want to watch some football here are some tips to getting the best of both worlds, family and football.(This is especially for the husbands and fathers out there)
  1. Get a DVR: This allows you to hold your Family Home Evening and have fun with them and then go back later and watch the game. God has given us these inventions for a reason. haha
  2. Make Monday Night Football a part of your evening: After spending some time together teaching your children, reading scriptures, having a gospel lesson, singing songs, and playing a game, have a little treat while you sit down to watch some football.
  3. Read Davis' Daily Bread: Use Davis' Daily Bread's gospel football analogies to teach a lesson and then watch Monday Night Football while helping your kids see the comparisons you just taught about during the game.     
As parents lead out and show your family that they are more important to you than Monday Night Football and apply these three steps you'll get to enjoy spending time with your family along with the big game which is always a win, win.
         For more info on FHE and different activities Click Here

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