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Friday, November 11, 2011

Look Forward With Faith

All of us are traveling down a road called life. It can be a joy ride, a thrill ride, or a car wreck depending on how we handle the up hills, down hills, sharp turns, bumps, and pot holes of life.
     Sometimes we feel like we can drive anywhere we want and have freedom and success. Other times we think we're driving solo with no co-pilot by our side and we feel nervous or frightened about what lies ahead. But as we continue to make it through those sharps turns and speed bumps we then look back through the rear view mirror and realize God and Christ have been there all along guiding us through a route that we may have never taken without their quite encouragement and guidance through the Spirit. So how do we make it so that instead of looking back through the rear view mirror and finding them we look forward through the windshield with faith and follow the road less traveled?
     We all would like to think we have enough faith in our driving until we hit a snow storm and that windshield starts to become blurred. I think back to this last winter and being an Arizona boy it was my first time driving in the snow. When you drive in a snow storm your personal vision is reduced drastically. Because of this you have to be very tentative, slow down, and use your windshield wipers to keep the snow from building up on your windshield. These three steps and a prayer will help you keep the faith to press forward and make it home safely.
      In life we hit storms of temptation, sin, laziness, or whatever Satan can throw in our path to reduce our vision and cloud up our windshields. If we will become aware of the distractions, slow down before we act, pray, and wipe away those temptations we will have a clear path to follow the guidance God and Christ give us. The more we can follow their guidance during the drive and have faith instead of looking back to the past and realizing they were there the whole time easier our road to travel will be. So have faith, travel smart, and enjoy the ride.       

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