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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Pre-Earth Life Commitment to God's Team

I recently became aware that today is National Signing Day. Many of you may not know but this is the day that all high school football athletes determine which college they want to attend and play football for. They sign what's called a letter of intent stating that they are committing to play for the school of their choice. For big college football fans and programs this is an exciting day. As fans and as a program you get the opportunity to see the future of your team and the potential stars of tomorrow. There are often times a lot of hype surrounds certain players who have been rated by scouts to be the "cream of the crop". There are also a lot of names that don't receive much attention too. Either way it’s interesting to see what becomes of these players over the next four to five years. As these players enter new environments and challenges they can often meet expectations, rise higher than expected, or become just another player.

    These players, once out on their own away from home, can really take off or get bogged down by the college life. Some may excel in their schooling while others struggle. Some may find a great group of friends who help them make good choices on and off of the field while others fall into a different crowd and soon find themselves involved in the things of the world. Some may work hard to improve their athletic and intellectual skills while others are just there to have fun. Some may listen to their coach’s advice while others think their way is better. It may not be a quick change but over time coaches and fans realize that top prospects and highly ranked players may not have put in the effort to make the cut. They are now sitting on the sidelines watching those who have studied and worked hard get all the playing time and all the glory. This happens all the time in college football.

    So many of you may be wondering how or why this applies to anything to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ but let me show you the connection. We all once lived with our Heavenly Father before we came to this earth. We had so much potential and we shouted for joy when we "committed" to play on the Lord's team and have the chance to come to this earth to gain a body and knowledge through our experiences. We knew it would be tough but that it would be worth it.

     We now have left our Heavenly Father and are on our own and just like the star football player entering the college ranks we can either meet the expectations or fall short. The decisions we make on a daily basis determine whether or not we gain happiness in this life or the life to come. There may be things in our lives, like the football player, that are more fun at times than practice, or in other words scripture study, prayer, and church. But when we can put the necessary time into our practice, follow our coaches, or Prophet, parents, and church leaders, we can be a better player at the game of life. We will be rewarded with more playing time, blessings, and more happiness. We can become the stars our Heavenly Father wants us to be playing for his team and not Satan's, if we will just focus in on what is most important in our lives. I know we can do it and someday score the greatest touchdown of all, eternal life.

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